Have you ever lost something that you couldn’t find? Did this turn your ordinary day into a fun-filled adventure turning you upside down and inside out full of wonder and smiles???
It’s no ordinary day for Timothy.  It’s full of excitement and suspense.  As he looks at himself in the mirror, at school, he notices something strange…His tooth is missing.  Now, Timothy is on a mission!!!  He must find his missing tooth!!! With the help of  teachers, classmates and neighborhood friends, he searches high and low for it. He could use your help too.
Will he find his missing tooth, or is it lost forever?


Sophie awakens to the sound of a jingle.  What could it be?  She’s heard stories of the man in the red suit and hat. Could this be him? She tip toes down the stairs to find out.  She is met with pure delight of something magical, mystical and white.  She doesn’t waste any time.  Sophie and her mommy spend a day filled with wonder and excitement as they experience Sophie’s first snow.

Sir Snoopsalot is not your average cat. He enjoys his cat naps on occasion, he loves to play and loves to snuggle. Sir Snoopsalot is a curious cat, a very curious cat indeed. He wants to know all things about everything. Not only does he like to find out answers to everything, but his friends ask his help in finding answers for them too. On his awesome adventure he makes new friends along the way and learns new things by asking them questions. Sir Snoopsalot isn’t afraid to ask questions. He shows his friends, through his fun journey, that it’s not as scary as they might think and that they can ask questions too. It’s great to ask questions. That’s how we learn and grow.

Oh the endless fun you could have if your world was full of jello, gummies and more. What would you do? Where would you go? Would you explore? If the Green Grass Was Jello… takes you into a magical place allowing you to lose yourself in your own imagination. How fun would it be to ride gummy sharks or catch clouds made out of cotton candy? This fun filled, delicious story was written by two sisters with beautiful and vivid imaginations.

Max is perfectly content to be the only cat in the house. His family loves him and takes care of him, which is all that he needs. Why mess with perfection? So when a surprise new kitten named Abby arrives on Christmas Eve, Max is very upset. He is supposed to be the favorite (and only) cat in the house!So he comes up with a plan (…and another…and another…) to get Abby out of the house once and for all. But then suddenly Abby is in trouble, and it’s up to Max to save her. Max soon learns what matters more in life, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

Anna is a prima ballerina at one of the most prestigious dance schools in the country. Her whole life has always been dedicated to dance. On the outside, she looks beautiful, strong, and ethereal. Yet the life of a typical professional ballerina is not as graceful as it looks. This is a realistic short story of what many ballerinas go through to get to the top…and to stay there. Sometimes their minds betray the confidence that they show on the outside. Through Anna’s story, you will get a glimpse of some of the sacrifices one must make in order to become the best dancer they can be. Yet is their “best” ever good enough for them?

Kitaro’s world is different from yours and mine. His is full of rich sounds, wonderful smells, amazing textures, and delicious taste; but no color or light. Let’s follow Kitaro’s as he takes us through his sense-filled day as a blind dog.

Annsley is cute, really cute. For mom and dad, their boo, as she’s lovingly known, is a life-giving, precious gift from God. Annsley masterfully tames their home with her charm and wit. They wake up to it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. Bedtime is not an easy chore for Annsley’s family.

Harriet is back! She’s still not a fan of vegetables, but don’t mess with her dessert! After she is abducted by giant veggies in her Granny’s garden, Harriet the Brave must face off against Yow Soyucky, the evil Brussel sprout, in the arena. Will she be able to fight her fear of veggies? Or will she be destroyed by it?

Teddy had seen better days. His fur had gotten thin and his nose gone. He still holds on to hope that this Christmas will be different than other Christmases in the past. This year he will be played with once again and he had a special feeling about it. Christmas is a time for miracles; even toys know this.

A sneak peek into the diary of a little sister of three annoying brothers. Do you have siblings? Having brothers or sisters doesn’t come with instructions. You will have a ton of fun and face many challenges, but at the end of the day…they’re yours and you gotta love them, right??? So, annoyed or not, you’re stuck with them; and secretly you love it.


Marie is a sweet and sassy redhead who dreams of life beyond the farm. When a talent show proves to be her chance, only one thing stands in her way: Jenna Jenkins, a spoiled city girl who has won every dance competition since she arrived in Sandy Creek. Jenna, a perpetual bully, thrives on belittling others, and right now she has set her sights on Marie as her next target. But what happens when Marie’s best friend, Bess, serves up a little Jersey justice and Jenna gets a hefty dose of humble pie?

Olivia is a unique and beautiful ostrich. She struggles with seeing her beauty, as so many of us do when faced with feeling like she doesn’t fit in and not realizing her self-worth. Olivia doesn’t look like all the others and is made fun of. She finally sees that there’s beauty in diversity. She meets a new friend with wonderful words of wisdom for us all. “Don’t look to others to find your worth. True beauty comes from within. Outward beauty fades, but a beautiful heart lasts forever.”

Oscar is a curious young Octopus who dreams of life beyond the sea. The smells and sounds from this strange, almost magical land are alluring to him. What adventures lie beyond the sea?

Hope is a beautiful, fun and loving dog who has been dealt a bad hand. Join her on an adventure as she seeks to find her forever home. This is a heartwarming tale of love and second chances.

Praying is a a wonderful and positive experience that opens many doors for little ones as well as adults. It can provide comfort, guidance, strength and an outlet for praise. When a child first learns to pray, it may be a little confusing. Praying can be anytime, anywhere, and about anything. God wants to know the good, the bad, when we’re happy, and sad. “When I Pray” is a great guide for a child learning to pray.

It’s time for the new season, and it is Harvest’s job to change the leaves! Is it getting colder? Why is a frost fairy awake? It’s not wintertime! Both Harvest and Snowflake were told to change the season, but which season is it?

A sea turtle and sea otter set out for adventure on the high seas to look for a pirate ship and treasure chest. Much to their surprise they discover an underwater cave that is full of surprises and suspense!

Otis the elf is not selfish or greedy, you see. He just wants to keep the toys he makes and not have them placed under a tree. All year he works so hard for the little boys and girls to have gifts; surely Santa won’t notice if he kept them for himself.  This is a fun Christmas tale about a mischievous little elf who makes toys for all the good girls and boys. But this naughty elf wants to keep all the toys for himself!

Another adventure begins when Toby, Sammy and Bubbles get together again. The wonderful news:Bubbles finds a pirate ship on the bottom of the ocean. Will dreams of exploring a pirate ship and bringing home a treasure chest come true this time? Or will danger stop them from returning with a prize.

“Conversations From the Porch” is an inspirational book comprised of Steve’s thoughts. Sharing the ups and downs of everyday life; while encouraging his readers to SHINE, even on rainy days.

You will fall in love with our adorable little dachshund during her hilarious but harrowing misadventures in the middle of a sudden snowstorm. Will she ever make it home to her cozy kitchen after being buried alive by a snowplow, tossed into a big truck, and dumped down a sewer? How will she escape from a freezing river, an angry beaver, or the clutches of a furious eagle? She learns a simple lesson about the consequences of not thinking or paying attention. See if you can figure out what that lesson is?

Have you ever wondered where all those ghosts and goblins go when the Halloween candy is eaten and the pumpkins are gone from the porch? Maybe they’re hiding in a cave, or in the attic, or even under a bed. But don’t worry. Our cute little ghosts won’t frighten anyone, and just wait for the happy surprise you’ll find under our bed!

Imagine what superheroes do when they are not Imagine what superheroes do when they are not fighting crime. Follow superheroes through their daily routine and see how superheroes are like regular people. From brushing their teeth in the morning to reading at night, find out what superheroes do when out of the limelight. fighting crime. 

How do superheroes get so brave, smart, and kind? They go to school each morning with an open mind. Follow superheroes through their school day to see how they learn and play.

When a farmer discovers a calf without a mother to care for her and left out in the freezing cold, he does all he can do to help her. Based on a true story, Curly shows us all how to appreciate each day we are given, and her farmer shows us how to love and care for all God’s creations.

My ABC Bible Book takes young readers through a beautifully illustrated Biblical journey in poetic rhyme. Children can learn how to navigate and study scripture as the picture book provides the books and chapters of each Biblically inspired stanza. With a grown-up, children can learn about many Old and New Testament Bible stories and how to find these stories in the Bible for further study.

When Anna is invited to a birthday party, she decides to give her favorite toy away as a gift because her family is poor and cannot purchase one. Will her gift be received with appreciation or mockery? In this rhyming read-aloud, Anna’s Special Gift teaches children the importance of appreciating the generosity of others.

My grandma has always loved guardian angels. She taught me how special they are because they protect and guide us through life and are God’s messengers. She also taught me how we have additional angels in our earthly lives who act in similar ways.
Who is your special guardian angel? I certainly know who mine is.

Milly is different from her friends as she isn’t able to walk like other dogs, but that doesn’t stop her from having fun in her magical chariot! She’s spunky, smart and always on the go. Follow Milly as she turns a camping trip into a fun-filled adventure!

The Little Pink Series...a 4 book series

Moon Yellowfoot is seven-years-old and she is Cherokee, just like her friend Lilly. Lilly’s dad is a dentist. He visited their school for career day and gave them all toothpaste, a toothbrush and dental floss. Moon stays with her Gram after school. Her Gram has an attic with a chest full of fun toys and dress up clothes where Moon plays. She finds a magical necklace in a little box inside the chest. Moon wonders what it’s like to be a real dentist, doctor, oral surgeon and an ophthalmologist. She discovers as she holds on to her necklace and makes a wish, that she is transported through time. She opens her eyes and sees that she is a real dentist in the first book, a real doctor in the second book, a real oral surgeon in the third book and a real ophthalmologist in that fourth book in the series. Her first patient is waiting. Come with Moon on her wonderous adventure and discover what a dentist does and still be home in time for dinner.

Just as no two snowflakes are identical, God made us all uniquely beautiful for His own purpose. How you see yourself is not always how God sees you. Tootsie is a bunny who is different from all the rest. She couldn’t always do everything the other bunnies did, but that didn’t stop her from serving the purpose God created her for. He had a plan for Tootsie’s life, just as He has a plan for yours. Tootsie teaches us to embrace the way God made us – perfect in His eyes.
-Psalm 139:13-14

Turn an ordinary game of hide-n-seek into an adventure with a little boy and his best friend. Today, his friend is lost and must be found. The little boy looks here and there, he looks everywhere. Can you help him find his silly bear? Close your eyes and count, 1,2,3… Will he be found? Follow along and find out.

Wilma Wilkenson Witch is so afraid of those funny little ghosts and scary noises on Halloween Eve that she’s missing out on all the trick-or-treat fun. Will she ever find the courage to open her front door and see who is tap, tap, tapping? Maybe it’s a monster…or maybe NOT AT ALL! What do you think?

We love our pets-
Whether they are fluffy, scaly, small or tall!
Let’s celebrate the variety of animal friends we can have…
Do you know them all?


“While Daddy Is Away” is an encouraging inside view to help your little ones pass the time in a variety of ways. It teaches them coping skills and independence as well as developing skills to stay connected in different ways. Deployments can be hard and scary. It can mean going months without seeing our loved ones and sometimes days without hearing from them. It’s important to remember that they are always thinking of us, and they know we are thinking of them. This book also helps your little ones with ways to show their love for those deployed, without feeling left behind and the appreciation for their service to our country.