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Can you believe that for some school is already back in session?!?  I know I’m one Mama who is thinking Wait…didn’t it just let out for Summer? It was an awesome Summer, but it felt like it didn’t last long enough.  We spent our days mostly with family and friends.  Several of us have summer birthdays.  My ‘middlest’ kiddo had a Sweet Sixteen birthday this year.  A joyous milestone that we got to celebrate among friends and family. 

So not only is summer flying by but time, in general, is flying by.  My kiddos enjoyed getting their summer reading done. They read along with their paperbacks as they listened to the audiobook.

Three out of four of my little ones, unlike myself, have had a love for reading since they were itty bitty. 


The other kiddo picked up the passion a little later, as did I. He enjoys the journal we designed for him and gave him as a present from boot camp as well.

Unfortunately, when I was younger, I had a problem when I was taught phonics and then had a reading comprehension problem on top of it.  This made me lose interest really quickly in reading.  My parents helped me.  My stepdad, or as I like to call him, second dad taught me the phonics portion after I’d get home from school and the reading comprehension was still a challenge.  I found ways to overcome them.  Now, not only do I love to read, but I like to challenge myself to read outside of genres of preference.  I also love to help little ones learn to love to read.  Once you figure out why they don’t like it other than taking away time from something else, you see where you can help and build on it.  My son is not from my belly but my heart.  He was not an avid reader like my girls.  He didn’t want to read.  I worked with him and found different books he might be interested in as well and asked him to read just 20 minutes a day to start with.  It seemed like torture at first.  Until he got to where he was asking if he could stay up longer to just finish one more chapter.  Walking into his room in the mornings and seeing he had woken up to grab that book and start reading on his own.  He went from reading to writing as well as my other kiddos.  My oldest daughter has had articles written and published in papers.  My youngest two co-authored a book.  The youngest is writing still but doesn’t want to finish it at this time.  It isn’t a kid book as she calls them.  It’s more of a young adult and she’s got me hanging on the awesome prologue she wrote and I’m waiting for more…talking about a cliffhanger, suspense, page-turner…geez.  Oh well, only if she wants to, but I will say when or if she does it will be great.  When and if my son finishes his, it will be too.  Their imaginations are out of this world and I owe it to reading and diving into the pages.  Within the pages of a book are limitless possibilities for our kiddos’ minds and ours too.  It takes us to so many places.  Hang in there parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, teachers…stick with them and help where they need it, and you will see their potential blossom.  It is beautiful to see.  Two Girls’ has some awesome books about school that you may want to introduce to your little readers. 

Have you ever lost something that you couldn’t find? Did this turn your ordinary day into a fun-filled adventure turning you upside down and inside out full of wonder and smiles??? It’s no ordinary day for Timothy. It’s full of excitement and suspense. As he looks at himself in the mirror, at school, he notices something strange…His tooth is missing. Now, Timothy is on a mission!!! He must find his missing tooth!!! With the help of teachers, classmates and neighborhood friends, he searches high and low for it. He could use your help too. Will he find his missing tooth, or is it lost forever?

Click this link to purchase Timothy and His Missing Tooth .

How do superheroes get so brave, smart, and kind? They go to school each morning with an open mind. Follow superheroes through their school day to see how they learn and play. Click this link to purchase Do Superheroes Go To School?

We have many more that aren’t school related as well that are just as great.  Just check out our website and visit our FB, IG, Twitter and Tiktok to keep up with the newest releases, contests, events,etc…

Have a great school year and happy reading!!!

Love, Mandy Leigh, Two Girls and a Reading Corner

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and I love Two Girls and the wonderful books..many can relate in being reluctant to take the time to read for pleasure. I began my love of reading in the 2nd grade and that has never changed. Thank you for sharing.

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