Long overdue, first post…

I am super excited to announce three new releases, two of which are re-releases and an upcoming release this Spring 2019.  

“Pinky Takes the Stage” Re-release by Lindsay DeRollo,  “If the Slipper Fits”  New Release by Lindsay DeRollo

“Harriet the Brave” Re-release by Tracy Kushwaha, and an up coming release this Spring,  “Olivia the Odd Ostrich” by Tracy Kushwaha.

Check out our Two Girls and a Reading Corner FB page for more awesome things that have been going on.

Also click on our SHOP and check out our other books we have.  Easter is right around the corner.  What’s better than chocolate in your basket?  Books…what’s better than books? Two Girls and a Reading Corner books.

By Lindsay DeRollo Availavable in our Shop or on Amazon
By Lindsay DelRollo Availavable in our Shop or on Amazon
By Tracy Kushwaha Availavable in our Shop or on Amazon
by Tracy Kushwaha Coming this Spring

A little bit here and a little bit there...

Whew!!! Are we busy over here?!?  We have had so much going on.  Where do I even begin.  I just updated the website so take a look around.  I will also be expanded the business to add to the services that we provide soon.  I will post about that in detail later.  It’s really exciting and will open the doors to opportunities for a broader array of writers.  Right now I would like to announce that we have had the pleasure of accepting three new authors into our Two Girls’ Family and have had one new release, with several upcoming releases.  Let me introduce you to our newest authors.  Click on their names and learn all about them.  They are pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  

We are due to have a summer release coming out by Tracy Kushwaha and a Fall release as well. An upcoming re-release by yours truly, Mandy Leigh, right around the corner, in the next week or so.  Trista, has two upcoming books that will be coming out soon.  One will be releasing this Summer as well.  Another of her books is set to release Spring 2020.  Emma’s release date hasn’t been set yet, but she’s been working hard with her book and other’s as she is an illustrator herself.  Marie has two books that are due to release around this Summer and one around Christmas.  More details on the upcoming releases will be released soon.  Stay tuned and make sure you are following us on FB.


  1. This is great news, Congratulations to all!

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